WorldWide Brands Review
by Randy Newitt


So you need a product or line of products to sell online… well you can search the web and try to find wholesale product suppliers. Before you know it you have run across hundreds of listings for suppliers. Further research reveals that some are legitimate, some you later find out are not true wholesalers but “middle men” saying they are wholesalers and other you find are simply scams.

Then you start coming across people recommending the Word Wide Brands paid wholesale supplier database. Worldwide Brands claims to offer a complete product sourcing tool that is aimed at helping people find reliable sources for goods all over the world... but you wonder if it’s worth purchasing. That what we are going to determine in this review.

What I like

World Wide Brands is the oldest and largest premium product sourcing service. It has the most suppliers in it’s database and is adding new suppliers daily. They have a full staff whose only job is to find and review suppliers. World Wide Brands goes beyond being your regular wholesale and drop shipping directory… they assure you of the legitimacy of all the suppliers by checking that they sell quality goods and that they are true wholesalers not “middle men”.

Another feature is that they classify each supplier as:

  • Dropship Wholesalers
  • Light Bulk Wholesalers
  • Instant Import Buys
  • Liquidation Wholesalers
  • Large Volume Wholesalers

Another feature I love is the built in market research utility. It tells you whether Learn whether the products you're searching have a good chance of selling online before you buy them.

Also if you choose the the Whole sale eBiz Education component provide training via webinars and videos to guide you through the process of selecting the right products from the right supplier(s), market research, setting up your e-commerce store if you are selling via an online store, or advice on selling your products on eBay.

WorldWide Brands is considered by most as the “Cadillac” of wholesale and drop shipping product sourcing tools available in the market… but the best feature I think is word wide brands search functionality…

What I don’t like

Well I don’t have that much negative to say about World Wide Brands… I used to complain about the price… which was around $267 but now it seems you can get access to the product sourcing tool starting at only $99 (but you don’t get the training at that price).

The only other negative I can think of is that because World Wide Brands has so many suppliers you can easily get caught up in “analysis paralysis” and not ever actually start your business.

Do I Recommend World Wide Brands One Source?

I would definitely recommend World Wide brands (onesource) to anyone. It really has no competition… and now with the lower price it’s a no brainer.

World Wide Brands will save you time and money and you’ll wonder how you ever did product sourcing without it.

Worldwide Brands Rating

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